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Effective and Experienced Intellectual Property and Technology Law counsel

With over ten years of legal and business experience advising and helping technology company clients, John A. Arsenault can help you whether your company is a small start-up, a medium-sized business with under 50 employees, or a large sized business with hundreds of employees.

"John helped set up the legal side of my software as a service business from start to finish and consulted on design choices. He made it easy."

We can help protect your business.

Given today's technological improvements, our team has focused our resources on creating efficiencies and delivering service more than impressing clients by spending on fancy desks and board rooms.

Our attorneys have experience working with executives, inventors, scientists, engineers, musicians, filmmakers, software programmers, and more. We find ways to think outside the box to provide you the value you deserve.

Offering clients value added solutions

This law firm was built to efficiently serve clients and provide a superior work environment for our team, and it is reflected in what we do. We offer premier national corporate and business law experience without the typical high-pressure tactics. Our clients receive smarter solutions, added value, and collaborative relationships with our senior attorneys and partners.

Our firm has a simple philosophy...

to understand the perspective of our clients. We strive to understand our clients' business needs to provide the best counsel possible and to address their unique legal issues.

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