Foreign and International Patent Applications

The law firm of Wessels & Arsenault provides affordable international and foreign patent filing services for our clients.  Foreign and international patent filings can be even more costly than filing for a U.S. patent.  Make sure you work with smart savvy patent attorneys who will keep your costs low while pursuing international protection.

It is of the utmost importance to consider international and foreign filings at the same time that you are considering your U.S. filing.  If you do not wish to pursue international protection but you intend on filing in the U.S., you have a limited time to file before you lose your international and foreign patent rights.  Similarly, different rules apply for foreign patent offices regarding whether you are the first to invent and the first to file, as well as whether you are barred from a patent for a public use or offer for sale.  Please contact one of our Colorado PCT patent attorneys if you have questions about international filings or whether you still have foreign filing rights.

The Colorado patent attorneys at the law firm of Wessels & Arsenault can help you promptly file your Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) application.  If you wish to file for protection in a specific nation-state, then our international patent attorneys can help work with foreign counsel toward a foreign national filing on your behalf.  We also provide patent translation services into and from the most common patent related languages.  The international patent lawyers at Wessels & Arsenault have patent translation experts in German, Mandarin, Japanese, Hindi, French, and Scandinavian languages.  Contact one of our Colorado patent lawyers today to see whether we can help translate your patent or application.

If you are a foreign corporation, inventor, or patent attorney seeking U.S. counsel for a PCT U.S. national stage application, then our patent lawyers can help you navigate the U.S. national stage through issuance.  Our law firm can also help you file provisional or non-provisional U.S. based on previously filed foreign national patent applications.  Our rates are affordable and we have language experts available if necessary.