Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Protection of your ideas is a priority for any business relying on innovation or attempting to distinguish themselves in a crowded market.  Whether you need patent protection, copyright or trademark registration, or infringement questions addressed, it is vital to ensure that your intellectual property are protected before they are misappropriated by a third party.

As experts in intellectual property, Wessels & Arsenault, L.L.C. can provide guidance for protecting your innovations and ideas.


Take your idea to the next level by protecting it with a U.S. Patent.  Lasting for twenty years from the date of filing, a domestic or foreign patent helps protect your invention and the interests of your investors.  Wessels & Arsenault, L.L.C. works in all areas of patent law including plant, design, and utility patents.

We maintain access to patent agents across the world that can help assist with international filings and patent translation services. We can evaluate your invention with a prior art search, giving you an understanding of the landscape of the technology involved against your idea; this provides a good understanding on how to appropriately move forward with your ideas. If you are serious about turning your ideas into a profit, we believe that you will best satisfied by working with a law firm instead of a patent filing service. Your long term success is in our best interests and we will be honest and realistic with you.

Our patent law team can help provide patentability opinions, file your invention at the U.S.P.T.O. as a provisional or non-provisional application, file an international PCT patent application, respond to non-final and final office actions for 102, 103 and 112 rejections, and can help you address potential infringing activity by others.  Our law firm can also provide valuation analysis, freedom-to-use, and other patent related services for our clients.

Have you or your organization been accused of patent infringement?  Did you receive a letter notifying you of potential infringing activity?  We can also help you distinguish your product from the invention of your accuser.  Wessels & Arsenault, L.L.C. can service all of your personal or business patent/I.P. portfolio. Best of all, our services are affordable for individuals and small businesses at a flat hourly rate.


Are you an author, artist, musician, filmmaker, or copyright owner?  Have you considered copyrighting your works?  If you have an original work that you want to sell or market, copyright registration may be the first step to ensuring that your work isn’t misappropriated by an infringing party.  To maximize your protection as a copyright owner, it is always best to register your work at the Copyright Office before learning about possible infringing activity.  Wessels & Arsenault, L.L.C. offers quick and inexpensive registration services at the U.S. Copyright Office.  Our efficient services will help you register your work more quickly than the mail in service offered by the Copyright Office.  We support local Colorado creative artists, musicians, photographers, and filmmakers by helping protect the work of our State residents. Our quick turnover time allows us to register your work in weeks as opposed to months with other intellectual property law firms.  Call our law office today for a free consultation and our competitive filing rates with one of our Denver area copyright attorneys.

Have you been accused of copyright infringement?  Was your provider sent a takedown notice regarding your online content?  Some organizations and copyright holders abuse the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to have content removed that qualifies as fair use or is protected under other exceptions.  We can handle organizations taking advantage of the DMCA and will protect your rights under the copyright laws.

Are you a blogger and want to know your rights under the fair use doctrine?  How much of a work can you repost as “commentary?”  Are you certain that the work you want to post online won’t constitute copyright infringement?  Do you know the best method to have a copyrighted work that you own the rights to removed from the internet without filing a lawsuit?  The answers to these questions vary and it is always best to contact a lawyer who is experienced in online copyright matters.

Do you want the rights to your works you signed over in the past returned to you?  Many artists, filmmakers, and musicians don’t know that they may be able to recapture the rights to works that they signed away years ago via a work-for-hire arrangement.  If you agreed to a work-for-hire arrangement for original works you created years ago, then you may eventually be eligible to have your rights to the works restored.  Not all arrangements qualify for this exception, so call Wessels & Arsenault, L.L.C. today to make sure that you can recapture the rights to your past works.


What is a trademark worth?  Some of the most recognizable trademarks such as GOOGLE® or APPLE® are worth millions of dollars.  If you are introducing a new product or service to market, it is important that you consider trademark protection as soon as possible.  Our law firm can help you select a mark that helps distinguish your product or service while at the same time ensuring that your registered mark does not infringe upon the mark of anyone else.

Our trademark attorneys are experienced with both Federal and Colorado state laws pertaining to trademark registration and can help you register your mark quickly and inexpensively.  If you are expanding the reach of your product or service internationally, Wessels & Arsenault, L.L.C. can help you secure a trademark in any country or a Community Trade Mark  (CTM) in the European Union in addition to the United States.  Our Colorado trademark attorneys can conduct a thorough domestic and international search to make sure that your mark is available, and provide an analysis as to whether your mark will be approved by the Patent and Trademark Office.  Even if you are still developing your product or service, Wessels & Arsenault, L.L.C. can help ensure that your mark is protected by the time you introduce it to the market.

Are you concerned about a competitor offering a similar service or product to yours?  Are you being accused of infringement or dilution another’s mark when you are confident that your mark is distinct?  The answers are difficult and are not easy to determine without the help of an experienced trademark attorney that can guide you in the right direction.  Our intellectual property attorneys have experience handling detailed trademark dilution and infringement questions for both plaintiffs and defendants around the country.  Call us today for a free consultation of your trademarks question, our experienced intellectual property attorneys can help you avoid a costly litigation battle or ensure that your mark remains protected.

Licensing Agreements

An intellectual property portfolio is an often undervalued company asset.  Managers and executives are often surprised when they learn that licensing intellectual property assets to others can actually be a profitable endeavor.  Moreover, intellectual property licensing can also be a cost-effective means to gain access to technology without in-house research and development costs.  Don’t license your intellectual property for less than it is worth.  Let our attorneys evaluate and provide an objective appraisal of the value of your portfolio and assets.

Don’t rely on a third party’s licensing agreement and valuation of your property if you are contemplating licensing options.  If you choose us to help license your intellectual property, Wessels & Arsenault, L.L.C. will negotiate favorable licensing agreements and royalty structures to protect your interests as our client and maximize the value of your assets. Our lawyers can also draft custom intellectual property licensing agreements so that you ultimately control all the terms.

If you have already licensed your intellectual property to others, the law firm of Wessels & Arsenault, L.L.C. can also help collect royalty payments from licensees, effectively audit royalty reporting, and help draft agreements for auditing and collection of royalties from third-parties.   As intellectual property licensing experts, Wessels & Arsenault, L.L.C. can make sure that you enter into royalty arrangements that are fair to all sides and while protecting your interests at the same time.