Firearms Issues

Handgun+Firearm Ownership Issues

Concealed Carry Permit: Has your Concealed Carry Permit been revoked? The Sheriff must meet strict statutory requirements before your permit may be legally revoked. Let us fight for your Second Amendment rights. Handgun permits are a matter of constitutional importance in Colorado and you should protect your interests. In fact, one of our attorneys recently helped win an appeal on behalf of a handgun owner which reaffirmed concealed carry permitees’ rights.

Protective Orders (“restraining” orders): A temporary or permanent protective order (commonly called a restraining order) may affect your right to possess a firearm. On the plus side, this helps to keep firearms out of the hands of dangerous people. On the downside, when people who would never think of unlawfully using a firearm is subject to such a restriction, it can affect their jobs and their sense of safety for themselves and their family. If you are at risk of having your right to bear arms restricted because of a protective order, please call us, we will do all that we can to ensure that law-abiding citizens maintain their right to protect themselves and their families in a way that they see fit.