Records Sealing and Expungement

Bad things can happen to good people sometimes, and we try to do what we can to minimize the fallout from the event.  Sometimes, even when you repay your debt to society, the stigma from an arrest or conviction can follow you through job interviews, security clearances, divorce proceedings, rental applications, educational loans and more.  If you have a criminal arrest or conviction that you want sealed or expunged, then our Colorado attorneys may be able to seal your records on your behalf.  Once records are sealed by court order, the records become inaccessible to most parties who might run a background check.  You owe it to yourself and your future to at least inquire into whether you can have your arrest sealed.  Because our attorneys offer a free consultation you have nothing to lose by contacting us!

Although we can’t seal records in all criminal situations, we can certainly look into whether you are eligible to have your records sealed or expunged.  If you were arrested on a misdemeanor or felony charge, then we may be able to have your records sealed if you were found not-guilty during a trial, if you complied with the requirements of a deferred sentencing agreement, or if your case was dismissed before an actual trial.  You may be able to seal drug possession / sales, theft, misdemeanors and more.  It is important to know that certain criminal convictions such as convictions resulting from domestic violence aren’t able to be sealed.

If you were a juvenile and have a past criminal history that you wish to have dismissed, then we suggest to inquire into having your juvenile criminal records expunged by one of our criminal defense attorneys.  Unfortunately expungements are not available to adults in the State of Colorado and only apply to juvenile cases.  A successful expungement will result in the actual destruction of your arrest file, so there is definitely a benefit to having your criminal history expunged.

An arrest or juvenile conviction doesn’t have to follow you through the rest of your life.  Consider getting your records sealed or expunged for those past events you want to put behind you.  Our law firm offers flat rates to seal criminal records and to seek an expungement.  Contact one of our criminal defense attorneys for a free consultation today!

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