General Practice

General PracticeAt Wessels & Arsenault, we want to be your lawyers. We welcome many general legal matters. Part of being a full service law firm is being able to address any legal needs of your clients or referring them to someone who can; either way we work hard to be the first law firm you call for any matter. We do not hesitate to refer you to outside counsel should your needs be better served that way because it is part of what keeps our clients coming back to us. We also inform you of all possible legal options, even those that may be unfavorable to us but beneficial to you.  Please, if you have any matter which you feel may need the attention of an attorney, do not hesitate to call us. Below, you can learn about just a few of the general matters to which we can help you attend.

Wills: Protect your legacy and the ones you leave behind. Prepare a will. There are many advantages to preparing a proper will in the State of Colorado. If you are a Colorado resident and are concerned about what will happen to your property and how your obligations will be fulfilled after you have passed, please call us to arrange a free consultation. Put yourself in control of what happens by putting an effective will in place. You will be able to determine to whom, when and how your property is distributed. There may be tax benefits and other financial benefits to creating a will compared to letting the state decide how your property is divided.

Domestic Relations: We are equipped to handle a variety of domestic relations cases. “Domestic Relations” includes matters such as divorce, child support, spousal maintenance (sometimes referred to as alimony), child custody, temporary and permanent protective orders, adoption, stepparent/grandparent adoption dependency and neglect cases amongst a few others. We understand that many of these matters usually arise during a very trying time in people’s lives; others like adoption, however, may be rather joyous occasions. Even in the best circumstances, it can nonetheless be quite stressful. Allowing you to focus on what is important during this time, we will work hard to help you through it in the least stressful way possible so that you can begin moving on with your life. [Learn More…]

Handgun Ownership Issues: Has your Concealed Carry Permit been revoked? The Sheriff must meet strict statutory requirements before your permit may be legally revoked. Let us fight for your Second Amendment rights. Handgun permits are a matter of constitutional importance in Colorado and you should protect your rights. [Learn More…] In fact, one of our attorneys recently helped win an appeal on behalf of a handgun owner which reaffirmed concealed carry permitees’ rights.