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New: check out the information below, you should find some helpful resources for child support forms and support.

We highly recommend using a lawyer during all stages of your child support proceeding. We offer this information for INFORMATIONAL purposes, the recommendations below are not legal advice and they are not specific to your case. Your case may need an different approach.

Colorado Child Support Modification help:

Getting Started: 

Always begin by seeing if the other party will agree to the proposed change first. A good place to get started is the Colorado Judicial Department Support Forms List. Here, you will find the various forms that you can use to begin your case. Pay special attention to the instructions section. These instructions are quite detailed and can be helpful. There are instructions for many types of cases. These are the instructions to modify child support.

You can also use our website to provide information and a lawyer will prepare the proper forms for you. We offer this service at a reasonable fee and it is generally referred to as “unbundled” because we won’t handle any additional part of your case unless you would like us to (and we subsequently agree). Please give us a call regarding this service and we will be happy to discuss all of the various options. 303-459-7898.

“What do I file?” – The answer to this depends on the type of case that you have. If you are already paying or receiving child support and you believe that the amount should be changed you can file a motion to modify child support. If the other party agrees to the change, then you can file everything at once. If the other party does not agree, however, you must generally file a motion to modify child support and pay the applicable filing fee (or, you can request the court to waive the fee based upon your income, have a look at this motion to file without payment of fees).

A few key notes:

The court will want other documents to be filed with the motion to modify. This includes the sworn financial statement. This also should include a child support worksheet that indicates the amount that child support should be. The court you are dealing with may or may not accept you motion without a worksheet, but if you are pressed for time, you can ask the clerk if they will accept it without one.

Service: if it is a motion to modify, you will USUALLY have to serve the motion upon the other part at their last address on file with the court.

There is a filing fee associated with the motion.

You will need to have the motion and the sworn financial affidavit notarized.

Determine the amount of child support:

This is a very common question. It is not always easy to determine the amount of support. The four key things that we first need to know is the number of children subject to the order, the income of each parent and the number of overnights that the child(ren) spend with each parent. Other relevant factors must also be considered, however, these factors normally have the most bearing on the amount of support.

We are working on an online calculator, however the calculation itself is quite complex, so it is taking a while to write the code and get it working. You can also use:

Free Family Law Support Software This software is free of adware and spyware. I happen to know that many lawyers use it, and I have used it many times myself. It is pretty nice and it can generate the worksheet for you.

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