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Information on Child Custody Laws in Colorado:

If you have children in Colorado, you may at various times come into contact with the Courts of this state in regards to matters involving your children. If you are separated or separating from the other parent of your child, it becomes far more likely that the courts will be involved in issues regarding your children. We offer help for separated parents whether or not that have already become involved with the Colorado Courts.

Child Custody

The Courts in Colorado have broad authority to address issues of custody, both for the long term situation of the children and in emergency situations where the child(ren)’s safety or emotional development are threatened because of the current custodial arrangement. Regardless of whether or not there is already a court order regarding custody, if the current situation is not workable, there may be a solution.

Colorado Courts may make orders regarding parenting time and parental responsibilities, which are the terms that the Court uses to describe what was formerly called “custody”. Parenting time refers to the amount of time each parent is to spend with the children. Parental responsibilities is a term that deals mostly with parental decision making, such as educational, health care and religious decision made for the child by the parents.

Parenting time can either be changed, under certain circumstances, or enforced by the Courts. One important thing to understand is that support and parenting time are treated separately: “…the court shall separate the issues of child support and parenting time and shall not condition child support upon parenting time” (§ 14-10-129.5(2)(a)). (Click HERE for selected family law statutes.) Child support and parenting time are treated separately, a parent generally may not deny parenting time based on lack of child support alone.

If there are generally no problems in regards to working out an arrangement as to parenting time, the Court will likely allow you to submit a parenting plan that you and the other parent have agreed upon. We can help you to reach such an agreement by working with the other party or his or her lawyer. If disputes arise, or other parties, such as the County Department of Human Services, become involved, this becomes more difficult.

First and foremost, the courts will always look to determine the arrangement that is in the best interests of the child(ren). There is a presumption that contact with both parents is in the best interests of the children. This presumption can be changed by showing that the other parent’s time should be restricted because of safety. Our firm has successfully litigated cases in which custody was changed because the parenting time of one parent was not in the best interests of the child.

There are many ways to resolve disputes as to parenting time. In general, both parents want to spend time with the children and both parents are acting in the best interests of the children. Ideally, we can help you reach a mutually amicable plan that the court will approve. If the other party is not cooperative, we have the ability to put your best case forward, representing your interests in parenting your child(ren) and to press for the result you are looking for.

If you do not have an agreement as to parenting time and or parental responsibilities and you are now facing disagreements as to how to handle these issues, an agreement can help define the framework for moving forward, reducing disagreements and controversies about the child(ren). If there already is an agreement, or court order, and you feel that it needs to be changed or enforced, there are various ways to accomplish this as well. You may be able to file for a Modification of Parenting Time. We can help with these issues so that your family can move on and concentrate on what is really important.

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This website contains selected statutes from The Colorado Revised Statutes, click HERE for selected family law statutes; read the laws that pertain to your case.

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