General Counsel services

General Counsel services

Do you want to have access to a team of knowledgeable lawyers at any time, but only want to pay a fraction of what it costs to employ full-time in-house or general counsel?  For less than half of what it costs annually to hire a full-time in-house counsel, you can have access to a group of subject matter experts to handle your company’s day-to-day legal needs.  Our lawyers can be on call and ready to answer your legal questions.

Consider outsourcing your company’s general counsel needs to a law firm that has seen and helped clients through it all from startup to developed corporation.  Choosing our experienced attorneys as your company’s general counsel can help save your company thousands of dollars instead of paying for a dedicated full-time in-house attorney.  Our attorneys have experience advising startups and small businesses how to grow and make themselves into successful enterprises.

Some outsourced general counsel services offered by Front Range Legal Services include:

  • HR and labor law matters;
  • Independent Contractors versus Employee status;
  • Business formation questions;
  • Day-to-day corporate legal matters;
  • Contract drafting;
  • Intellectual property portfolio management; and
  • Legal projects such as grant writing, financing, M&A, and litigation

Our business and intellectual property law attorneys have experience at the in-house level and can advise your organization how to proceed on any number of matters including patents, trademarks, trade secrets, employment law, contracts, and more.  We can help you draft non-disclosure, invention disclosure, and non-compete agreements.  Our lawyers can also make recommendations to the board, attend corporate events and meeting on-site, give presentations, and more.  We can schedule our attorneys to be on-site as needed by you.

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