Amendment 64 Business Compliance

iStock_000018954436MediumThe people of the State of Colorado passed Amendment 64 in 2012, which allows for personal use and regulation of marijuana for adults over 21 years of age as well as legal commercial cultivation, manufacture, and sales in the State. On January 01, 2014, the State of Colorado began permitting recreational sales of marijuana to the public over the age of 21. However, not all cities allow marijuana related businesses, and a substantial regulatory framework is in place that business owners must follow. Wessels & Arsenault, LLC can help you navigate the regulatory framework and ensure that your new or existing business can be in compliance.

Important questions our lawyers can help answer include:

  • How does Amendment 64 affect the contracts that a business has with the federal government?
  • Can a company still drug test employees for cannabis use?
  • What rules must you comply with to start a business with cannabis based products?
  • Can you be a partner in a business selling marijuana products if you are an out-of-state resident?
  • What are your legal duties as a private premises owner where marijuana consumption may be taking place?

Our attorneys can help you understand and navigate the eventual regulatory framework arising out of the passage of Colorado’s Amendment 64. Rather than waiting until the law is fully implemented before exploring your options, consider having the attorneys at the law firm of Wessels & Arsenault, L.L.C. prepare your business for the full implementation of Amendment 64 with confidence. Our attorneys have helped numerous Colorado based companies understand the regulatory framework in several areas of law, and Amendent 64 will not be much different once it is implemented. Our attorneys are well versed in numerous state laws and regulations as proposed and enforced by the Department of Regulatory Agencies (“DORA”) and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (“CDPHE”).

If you are considering starting a marijuana based business or have a pre-existing marijuana based business that you have questions about, please contact us to speak with a licensed Colorado attorney with experience in Amendment 64 related matters.

The Amendment 64 business compliance attorneys at Wessels & Arsenault L.L.C. can help you develop your business, even if you are located across the Rockies.  The Amendment 64 business compliance at Wessels & Arsenault service the cities of Boulder, Broomfield, Louisville, Denver, Fort Collins, Telluride, Vail, Breckenridge, Winter Park, Steamboat Springs, Westminster, Arvada, Englewood, Aurora, Thornton, Brighton, Lakewood, Littleton, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Golden, and the entire Colorado Front Range. We will discuss your options and help you find the right course of action to protect your business. [gravityform id=1 name=ContactUs With An Email]