Our Fees: FAQ

What are your fees?

Our fees vary depending on the attorney working the case and the area of practice involved. We accept certain matters at $160.00 dollars per hour, and we honor our normal discounts against this rate as well. For more complex matters, such as business and intellectual property matters, our rates are generally higher, but vary depending on the type of case.

Do you accept contingency cases?

Certain matters, we can accept on a contingency basis. Such matters include cases like personal injury, other torts and certain civil matters. It is unethical for us to accept divorce cases or criminal cases on a contingency basis. Additionally, we do not accept child support cases on a contingency basis (we will consider contingency support arrangements if the child(ren) has/have been emancipated).

What is a ‘retainer?’

A retainer is money advanced for payment of legal expenses expected to be incurred in the future. We normally ask that our clients advance a retainer before we begin work on a case. We then put this money in a trust account, where the money still belongs to the client until we earn it by working at our agreed upon hourly rate; we also use the funds for paying other authorized expenses of your case. If we do not use the entire amount of the retainer, the remaining portion is refunded to you. The initial retainer may sometimes not be enough to resolve the matter and we would need to request that you advance more funds. We try to get a good idea of the type and complexity of the matter before quoting a retainer, so the amount requested will vary from case to case.

What cases require retainers?

Most cases that our firm handle require retainers. All family law matters, criminal cases and certain civil cases will require retainers. We try to be both flexible and realistic about the retainer arrangement so as to eliminate surprises and frustrations later.

Do you offer payment plans?

As a general practice, we do not offer traditional payment plans. If money is an issue, we may be able to arrive at a solution. We do not want people to go unrepresented but we must insist that we are compensated for our work. We therefore try to offer personalized arrangements to meet our clients’ needs in regards to remunerating us for our services.

Do you offer flat fees?

For certain types of cases, we do offer flat fees. Many business law matters, such as incorporation can be handled with a flat fee. This means that you pay a set amount and we return the agreed upon work.