ME2 Productions, Inc. (The Mechanic Resurrection) subpoenas sent out in Colorado

ME2 Productions, Inc. is currently suing Colorado residents in Colorado Federal District Court for Bit Torrent downloads. Starring Jason Statham and Jessica Alba, the Mechanic Resurrection involves Statham taking out the bad guys after being sprung into action. Adding to the list of production companies of independent films trying to sue downloaders of its copyrighted content, ME2 Productions, Inc. follows a similar strategy of having a company research and track Bit Torrent sharing and other applications relying on Bit Torrent such as Popcorn Time and then providing that information to local counsel. Local counsel in each state then initiates a federal lawsuit for copyright infringement and gathers the personal information of targets from their internet service providers such as Comcast and Century Link. Hundreds of Colorado residents have been identified in the various ME2 Productions, Inc. lawsuit. If you have been the target of a subpoena from your internet service provider, please contact our copyright infringement defense attorneys for a free consultation today.