I.T. Productions Copyright Infringement Defense in Colorado

Did you receive a subpoena from your internet service provider (ISP) stating that they are being ordered to turn over your personal information in a federal lawsuit, specifically I.T. Productions? Numerous targets across the Colorado Front Range have received notices over the past few months over the film I.T. As the Bit Torrent infringement litigation model continues to be accepted by federal courts, film studios and other Plaintiffs will continue to file lawsuits as a revenue model and to recover damages from unsuspecting downloaders. I.T. Productions is the company prosecuting on behalf of the film I.T., a 2016 Pierce Brosnan movie. If you have received a subpoena from your ISP we can help defend against a subpoena or against the Plaintiff depending on what stage in the litigation you are in. Our infringement defense team can also help you seek a dismissal or a settlement depending on your factual circumstances. Many caught up in these kind of drag nets often have a valid defense that may result in a dismissal and they aren’t aware of their factual circumstances. Contact our copyright infringement defense attorneys today for a free consultation to discuss your options.