Dallas Buyers Club, LLC (DBC) continues to sue Colorado residents for alleged use of Bit Torrent or Popcorn Time

Dallas Buyers Club
While Dallas Buyers Club was the recipient of multiple film awards, the owners have continued to seek compensation from individuals accused of downloading Dallas Buyers Club without paying the proper license. Most of these downloads are identified from Bit Torrent or the movie watching service Popcorn Time, with alleged download dates occurring during 2014-2015. While the Plaintiffs may use software that determine the IP address of the sharer, it is not always accurate. Unfortunately the subscriber to the ISP ends up being the recipient of the letter despite the activity occurring without their knowledge. John Arsenault has worked against Dallas Buyers Club and defended countless individuals in Colorado and elsewhere accused of downloading the movie since 2013. For more information see the following 9 news story and interview published in 2014 about one of his clients.