Cobbler Nevada, LLC comes to Colorado to sue for Bit Torrent downloads

Cobbler Nevada, LLC is currently suing multiple defendants in the State of Colorado over the film “The Cobbler” starring Adam Sandler for a Bit Torrent download. According to, The Cobbler grossed a whopping $24,000 in domestic revenue after it was released in March of 2015 with a budget estimated to be about $10,000,000.00. So, in order to recoup that the holding company appears to have created a LLC with the right to sue under certain circumstances. The early discovery subpoenas for these lawsuits went out late last month and early this month to Comcast and Centurylink. If you received a letter for Cobbler Nevada, LLC from your ISP stating that they will disclose your information if you do not act by a certain date, please contact our law firm for a free consultation with an experienced copyright infringement attorney.