Bodyguard Productions – Hitman’s Bodyguard Colorado subpoena defense

Over the last several months hundreds of Colorado residents have been delivered subpoenas from their internet service providers like Comcast and Centurylink stating that their personal information is being sought by Bodyguard Productions, LLC, the holding company suing for copyright infringement for the 2017 film the Hitman’s Bodyguard starring Ryan Reynolds. Note that unlike other films sued over in the State of Colorado, this film actually held the #1 spot at the box office for several weeks during 2017, so many fans of the film and Ryan Reynolds may be caught up in this dragnet.


If you received a subpoena from your ISP stating that they will be turning over your personal information to Bodyguard Productions, LLC, or if you received a letter from a law firm in Colorado asking you to contact them in relation a claim of copyright infringement, talk to an attorney first. John A. Arsenault has defended several hundred people accused of copyright infringement in the State of Colorado alone and understands the possible strengths and weaknesses of your specific facts. Mr. Arsenault is familiar with the various law firms involved and can help you assess the options you have via a free consultation. If you want to discuss your options anonymously with a Colorado licensed attorney who understands the facts surrounding these types of copyright infringement claims, follow the Contact Us tab to contact John Arsenault today.