Blockchain and Crypto Currency Law

Blockchain and Crypto Currency Law

Are you contemplating a business start up using cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum in the State of Colorado or elsewhere? Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are already subject to the tax laws, securities regulations, and Financial Criminal Enforcement Network (FINCEN) regulations. Do you want to use cryptocurrency smart contracts in your business but not get burned in a transaction? Are you interested in creating a digital currency wallet application but want to make sure you aren’t running into legal problems with your customers or the federal government? Cryptocurrency has unleashed a whole new series of businesses and models around the coins. The Colorado cryptocurrency attorneys at Front Range Legal Services can offer proactive advice to protect, promote, and maintain your cryptocurrency related business during the boom times and the down times. Various alternative cryptocurrencies, bots, exchanges, wallet providers, digital miners, cryptocurrency investors, and smart contract services need knowledgeable attorneys and counsel to navigate the complex financial regulations and their ambiguities.

Our experienced cryptocurrency attorneys are licensed as needed to provide both local regulatory support and the broad corporate guidance cryptocurrency businesses require to succeed. The cryptocurrency attorneys at Front Range Legal Services are also well versed in other relevant areas of law to your business including formation, employment law, intellectual property, and basic content and software acquisitions.

Because cryptocurrencies and laws relating to them are so new, most people do not understand them and they do not quite fit into any traditional area of law. As a result, it is valuable for cryptocurrency businesses to consult the expertise of attorneys who are knowledgeable in the area and the different facets of cryptocurrency businesses. Over the decade, as cryptocurrencies grow in popularity, demand will also grow for knowledgeable businesses and professionals with legal experience to handle the variety of businesses that spring from the ideas of the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Regulatory Compliance

While many cryptocurrency businesses include founders and executives with substantial computer programming experience, most lack the legal knowledge to properly comply with the stringent federal requirements to do business in all 50 states. In this highly regulated environment, it is advantageous to secure counsel who is knowledgeable and can help you navigate the morass of federal and state regulations.

Think Ahead

By securing counsel knowledgeable in the cryptocurrency space, you will address prospective issues proactively rather than reactively that will save your business time and money down the line. Our experienced cryptocurrency attorneys can anticipate issues that others have already encountered and help you develop a plan or the best response to handle the issue. It is always better to choose your attorney ahead of time and to vet them rather than wait until an attorney must be hired and you are bound by deadlines and date requirements.

If you have started or are considering starting a blockchain or cryptocurrency based business and require counsel to help you through the steps, please contact our experienced cryptocurrency attorneys today for a free consultation.


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